Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Whole 30 Program

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The Whole30 ---> Have you done this? I'm doing this!  Admittedly, I was having a little anxiety over this because, as you probably know, I put a lot of emphasis on what I eat on a daily basis and I'm pretty confident that I know how and what to eat already, so changing things up scares me a little.  I know I eat right, and I avoid certain foods because I know how they affect my body.  So, I was pleasantly surprised, when I started to read about the Whole30, to realize that I pretty much already eat this way!  The only changes that I will have to adjust to are not eating legumes - I love beans! and they are a great protein source, but they are also starchy.  And then there is the peanut butter ---> OH EM GEE!!!  I will live, right?  I go through peanut butter like no one else, but for 30 days, I can give this one up.  But....the absolute hardest thing for me is not stepping on the scale for 30 days YIKES!  I've been pretty open and honest about my obsession with the scale, even though I know that it is not an accurate measure of one's body composition, but for pretty much the last 4 years I have used the scale to help keep me on track.  For the next 30 days my scale will find a new home in my closet.
Here are the rules:
  1. Eat REAL FOOD!  Yes, real, nothing processed or made by man.  Eat meat, seafood, eggs, lots of vegetables, you can have some fruit, healthy oils, nuts and seeds.
  2. Do NOT eat ---> anything with added sugar of anykind, real or artificial, no alchohol, no grains, no legumes, no peanut butter :( (so sad!), no soy products.
  3. Do NOT step on the scale or take measurements while on the program, with the exception of day 1 and 30.  This is a toughie!!
I'm going to complete this program and share my results, and at the end, I'm going to gather my friends and family to the next 30 day challenge!  If you are interested in changing your eating habits and joining me for another round, shoot me an email to!  There is no purchase necessary, but I will expect you to show up each day and I will hold you accountable - sounds fair enough, right?
For more in depth information on this program, go to

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