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My  Turning Point...
It dawned on me yesterday as I was speaking to a group of new coaches on a video chat that the date was February 9th.  Though it's a day that may seem insignificant to many, for me it was the biggest turning point in my life.  February 9th, 2011 marks the day I decided it was finally time to take charge of my life.  You see, to my friends and family, I seemed happy; I had two healthy children, a loving husband, a nice home, a stable career, pretty much life was good.  I was grateful for all that I had, but within myself I was battling a different kind of fight.  I was significantly overweight, unhealthy, my hormones were off balance, I was battling infertility, and I was so uncomfortable with how I felt in my own skin. I felt ugly and an embarrassment to my oldest son.  Though I was happy with everything happening around me, I was not happy with ME.

February 9th is the anniversary of one of the best decisions I have ever made - I became a Beachbody coach!  Honestly, at first I was skeptical.  I had bought into every weight loss gimmick and fad, I had yo-yo dieted for most of my adult life.  I went into this not knowing whether or not Shakeology was truly all it was made out to be and if I could actually do the workouts in P90X, given that I was 220 pounds and in the worst shape of my life.
I thought, in the very least, "hey I'll just to get a discount on my Shakeology and workouts."   I stepped outside of my comfort zone and told the world what I was doing, hoping it would hold me accountable.  Well, 4 years later, I am here telling you that I not only got through 90 days of P90X, I also took on and completed Insanity, Turbofire, Les Mills Pump, P90X3....and Shakeology IS the holy grail of nutrition drinks!  It's my daily vitamin, fights my cravings, gives me a natural kind of energy, keeps me full, and has been the catalyst in my 70 pound weight loss.  After conceiving two children through IVF, I was surprised to find out I was pregnant with #4, and then 2 years late another surprise with #5, without even trying!

Through the tools I had been given, I healed my body from within.  Another transformation has happened within my mind.  Even though I am not completely where I want to be physically, I continue to work on myself everyday, and I finally feel good with my body.   Becoming a coach has CHANGED MY LIFE in the best way!  4 years ago I would never have imagined that today I would be sitting here writing this, that I would be my own boss, earning free vacations, retired from my full time job, 100% consumer debt free, teaching fitness classes for fun, having the time freedom to do what I want when I want, and having transformed my body in so many ways.  This opportunity has made my dream of being a FULL TIME MOM my reality.  And I get to do all this WHILE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE to transform their bodies, lead a healthier lifestyle, become physically and financially fit, and be the very best version of themselves.  This is a true pay-it-forward kind of thing.  I cannot call this a job because I truly love every moment of what I do.  I wake up every morning excited to open my computer and reach out and meet new people.  I look forward to working out, and clean, healthy eating has become my way of life and I'm currently getting my nutrition coach certification to better serve people.  I get to meet and work out with celebrity trainers.  I surround myself with the people of my choosing - positive, self-motivated, and fit-minded.

My Beachbody family continues to grow every single day.  I am just a regular person, who wanted better and I committed to my goals, I set my sights high, and I work really really hard for my success.  Anyone can do this!!  You don't have to be a fitness professional, or be in the best shape.  You just have to have a strong desire to help other people and a strong work ethic.  This is my true passion and my only regret is that I lived so many years without Beachbody in my life.  I'm to thankful that God blessed me with this opportunity.

If my story sounds familiar to yours, I urge you to get up and do something about it.   Everyone has choices to make.  The choice is yours - if you need to get healthy, you can pay now to invest in yourself  and to prevent sickness and live your life feeling good; or pay later with the cost of sick care and medical bills.   If you are unhappy with your body and your health, your self-esteem, your career, you need help getting out of debt, you are a stay at home parent looking to bring in an income, or maybe you just want to help people, then please reach out and contact me.  I want to HELP YOU!

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