Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My 3 Day Refresh Results

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Let's be real and honest here, no one is perfect, even the people with who look to be completely put together make mistakes and fall of the wagon or overindulge sometimes.  It happens to us all.  We go to a party and the spread of food is enough to feed a small army, we take a nibble here and there, fill our plates, go back for seconds and maybe thirds, and then the next morning we wake and feel bloated, rings are tight on our fingers, and we just kinda feel like crap.  The sodium you have consumed is causing mega-water retention and your clothes are probably tight and uncomfortable.  Unfortunately, I have had this happen more times than I care to admit in my journey.  It's a marathon, right?

But ---> the important thing is that we don't make this a habit, we write it off as a cheat, move on and get right back to the routine that we know makes us feel good.  About every month or two, or when I just feel the need to clear out my system and start fresh, I do a 3 Day Refresh, and every time, I have lost at least 5 pounds, which is just enough to get rid of the bloat, make me feel re-energized, and motivated to get back at it.   I wake feeling lighter, and more cognizant of what goes into my body.

The 3 Day Refresh is a no-starvation quick cleanse.  You get to eat real food!  Hallelujah!  In your kit you get a booklet which has a list of approved fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, and several recipes for a dinner choice.

  1. Each morning you wake up and drink 8-12 ounces of filtered water.
  2. For breakfast (within an hour of waking) you have Shakeology + a fruit option.
  3. Mid-morning you drink the Fiber Sweep, which is a digestive health drink. (But don't worry, it won't be having you run to the bathroom.  It's very gentle.)
  4. For lunch you drink the Vanilla Fresh, a high protein drink that will stave off hunger, + one fruit + one vegetable + one healthy fat, all from the list in your booklet.
  5. Your afternoon snack is one vegetable + one healthy fat, or a raw juice from the recipes provided in your booklet.
  6. Dinner is a Vanilla Fresh + one of the recipes from the dinner list.
*You can drink unsweetened herbal or green tea throughout the day as well, and you need to be drinking AT  LEAST half your body weight in ounces each day IN ADDITION to what you use in your shakes.

Because you are eating and drinking throughout the day, you should not feel hungry.  I've done the refresh half a dozen times and the only difficulty I have is being conscious of breaking my habit of picking at the food my kids leave on their plates (and that is a BAD HABIT! not a need to satisfy hunger).  The calories are low, around 900, but it's packed with fiber and protein and your Shakeology will provide you will your daily vitamins and superfoods, so your body won't be lacking in nutrients.  Keep in mind this is only 3 days and you should not live with a calorie deficit like this for more than that.
Now, if you are not used to a diet that has lots of veggies, fruits and whole grains, you may feel a little discomfort from gas and bloating, but this is actually a sign that it's working!!!  And thankfully it's temporary.
As for exercise - only mild to moderate exercise is recommended.  The calorie intake is just not enough to help you fuel a more rigorous workout.  Brisk walking, yoga, and even PiYo are great exercises you can incorporate while on your refresh.

---> Stuck at a plateau in your weight loss.
---> Need a do-over from a day or two (or week) of binging.
---> Are ready to start a workout and clean eating regime and want a boost to start your weight loss.

Living in a really big calorie deficit is not ideal for long periods of time.  What happens is your body's metabolism will slow and you will begin to store fat and break down muscle.  You may get discouraged as your weight loss won't occur as you expect.  If you are exercising (as you should be) you will need adequate fuel for your body.  Proper nutrition is essential going forward, and making sure your body is getting the right vitamins and pre and probiotics is highly recommended no matter what your goals are.  Vitamin sources are best when they come from whole foods, not synthetically created, as your body will more easily absorb them. Shakeology is a great way to make sure you are getting those essential nutrients and it supports all 11 body systems.  It's been clinically proven to lower blood sugar A1C levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes, been proven to reduce cholesterol, and aide in weight loss.  The traditional diet lacks essential nutrients and most doctors recommend supplementing with a daily multi-vitamin.

If you expect to return to your normal way of eating, like prior to the Refresh, I will be honest and tell you to save your money because the weight will come right back on and you will be discouraged.  However, if you are serious about making a change and ready to start feeling good about yourself both physically and mentally, creating a lifestyle change is the way to go.  Incorporate Shakeology daily, get into a structured workout program, and follow the nutrition plan that comes with the program.  If you need help with how to begin, contact me and I can help recommend a program for you and I will support you all the way through it.

---> You get 3 packets of the Fiber Sweep, 6 packets of the Vanilla Fresh
---> A nutrition booklet with recipes and approved food lists
---> A 30 MEAL supply of Shakeology
---> A 30 day trial to Beachbody On Demand, giving you access to over $4000 worth of
        Beachbody workouts streamed online!
---> Support from an online group
---> ME as your coach!
---> Guaranteed results and NO REGRETS!!
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