Here are some of my favorites!  The list may seem a bit lengthy, but I love all these programs and every single one of them have given me results, so I cannot help but spread the love!  These are not in any particular order, but if you are unsure of the program that would be best, please get in touch with me to go over your goals and I can help recommend a good fit for you.  

*All programs come with a money back guarantee, because we want you to get RESULTS and SUCCEED!  If you do the program as designed, you WILL get results.  In addition, each Challenge Pack comes with me as your FREE COACH, a private online support group, a meal guide, 30 meals of Shakeology, a 30 day FREE trial to Beachbody OnDemand which will give you access to over 400 Beachbody workouts that you can stream online or download onto an app, and other goodies!  

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